Beijing Mentou Gou Irrigation System Project

Before planning the design of a large field it is necessary to confirm: the range of irrigation area, planting plants, planting spacing, water source location and water quality.

1. Select the appropriate nozzle according to the plant type and planting spacing.

2. choose suitable filters according to water quality, or choose filter combinations (gravel filter + stacked filter), manual and automatic according to customer requirements.

3. According to the division of the size of the area and the design of the working pressure to choose the appropriate pump (power is too large power and increase the budget cost; power is too small to meet the set requirements of the area) pump power = { head (m) * flow (m ³ / h) / [367.2 * 60% (that is, 220.32)]} * 1.2

4. According to the size of the flow of the area to choose the appropriate branch pipe, the general size of the main pipe in the field basically choose 3 inch (PE90) and 4 inch (PE110) is the main [pipeline too big will make the budget cost increase; pipeline too small easy to produce water hammer phenomenon (i.e. burst pipe)]. Pipe selection can be based on the following "pipe diameter / flow rate / flow rate comparison table".

5. According to the size of the area branch pipe, area flow and customer requirements to choose the appropriate valve (manual ball valve, solenoid valve, electric valve and butterfly valve).

6. If you choose solenoid valve must be installed in the highest part of the pipeline exhaust valve, in order to exclude the air in the pipeline to prevent water hammer phenomenon (burst pipe) and avoid the air in the pipeline can’t properly open and close the solenoid valve.

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